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We’ve been in Bed-Stuy for more than 50 years.  But the true history begins with David,  a Russian Jew who opened the business in Bed-Stuy in the 1960s. Back in the 60s, the neighborhood was made up of predominately African-Americans, working-class European-Americans of various backgrounds and Jews. David eventually sold the deli to two Yemeni friends in the 1980s–both from different religious backgrounds. As a team, they owned and operated the business, serving David’s brisket to the changing demographics. However, sometimes back in 80s, when the Yemeni Jewish owner died, the Muslim Yemeni family took over. Since then, Riyadh and his partner continue to push David’s Eastern-European kosher -style recipes onwards, continuing on the legacy of David.

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For over 70 years now, David’s Brisket House Deli has been serving the good people of Bed-Stuy the same consistent old school roast brisket on a roll with gravy, with its fatty caramelized edges, and its classical pastrami and corned beef. Our family-friendly good service rivals with Katz Deli. David’s is currently under the ownership and supervision of Riyadh and Farouq Gazali, two brothers bringing the old school back to New York halal style.



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